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  • About me

    • Hi,my name is Akshika Narayani!.My full name is Akshika Aishwaraya Sayujya Narayani Kalingarayar (known in school as Akshika A S Narayani N ,in web and google as Akshika Narayani).I am 16 years old (eleventh grader)and I live with my parents in the city-Coimbatore.I learnt a few basics of HTML and CSS with the help of codecademy and through net.

    • I did my 10th in SSVM world school (cbse) and got a10 on my CGPA.

    • I love to explore the wild and photograph the beauty of nature.I post a few picture every week in the website:Indian Nature Watch.

    • I love to listen to songs of any language and love to sing too! My favorite singers are Exo, BTS, Maroon5, A.R.Rahman, Jennifer Lopez,SNSD.

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